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Nail fungus is easily spread, and once you’ve got it, you need expert medical help to make it go away. If you think the spots on your nails might be a fungus, Reese Family Practice in Eugene, Oregon, can put you on the path toward clear, healthy nails with advanced treatments, including laser therapy with the Cynosure® Icon™. Call Randy Reese, MD, and his team to schedule a consultation today or book an appointment using the online scheduler.

Nail Fungus Q & A

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What is nail fungus?

Nail fungus causes noticeable changes in your fingernails and toenails. You’ll have discolored areas, such as white spots. Your nails may turn yellow, brown, or green. As the fungus gets worse, your nails may get thicker, crumble, or fall off.

A nail fungus can be caused by a foot fungus, or by spending a lot of time in warm, wet, moist environments, like a pool deck, shower, or locker room. Unfortunately, nail fungus is easily spread. If someone with a nail fungus walks barefoot in a locker room, for example, you can catch the fungus by simply walking barefoot in the same area.

It’s important to call Reese Family Practice as soon as you suspect you have nail fungus. Otherwise, the fungus can quickly spread and get worse.


How is nail fungus diagnosed?

To begin, your practitioner reviews your medical history and examines your nails. They may take a small sample of your nail for lab tests. They’ll want to rule out other conditions, such as a bacterial infection or psoriasis, that can mimic a nail fungus.

When caught early and treated, nail fungus should go away. In time, you’ll regrow a healthy nail.


How is nail fungus treated?

Your practitioner may prescribe antifungal drugs that you take by mouth or spread on the fungus. Depending on the severity of your nail fungus, you might need both oral and topical antifungal medications.

Laser treatment is also a quick, effective therapy. The treatment uses the Cynosure Icon technology to emit light waves that target and do away with the fungus living on and under your nails. 


What should I expect during laser treatment of nail fungus?

Before your treatment, you’ll need to remove any nail polish. Your practitioner may also file away some of the fungus to improve the laser light’s penetrating power.

During treatment, as the laser light passes over your nails, you may feel a series of mild pinpricks or a sensation of warmth. Treatment lasts only 30 minutes, and you may only need one session to get rid of the nail fungus. Afterward, you’ll be able to get back to your daily activities right away. You can even apply nail polish.

If you suspect you have nail fungus, and you’d like to proactively take care of it before it spreads, call Reese Family Practice today or book online to schedule a consultation.